Robert Spangler

UI/UX designer & front-end developer


Why I’m Not Afraid of Software or Services Aimed at Taking My Job

First of all, I love designing and coding for user interfaces. I’m not sure what turns me away from print design or other forms of media. It’s not that the web and other forms of digital media are necessarily a safe haven for your work; especially in terms of the web, it moves fast and often you become obsolete if you… Read more »

Preventing Brute Force Attacks

One of the most common methods that hackers use to get into your site is a brute-force attack. A brute-force attack essentially means that hackers are setting up bots to slam your login form, usually with a dictionary of common username/password combinations. This is not a WordPress problem, but a website problem. WordPress has a… Read more »

How to Make The Events Calendar Plugin Start Week on Sunday

The Events Calendar/Pro is the best WordPress powered calendar solution I’ve come across. On thing that has always bothered me was that the first day of the week started on Monday. Many westerners, like myself, aren’t used to seeing our calendars that way. The change is very simple, but it’s not located in the Plugin… Read more »

Mobile-first Stylesheets for IE6/7/8

The first thing you may notice after your first mobile-first site is that you only get your mobile stylesheet for IE8 and below. Here’s a quick and easy snippet to have IE render all of your stylesheets, while still keeping responsiviness for Windows phones in-tact.

Introducing WP Maintainer

Hot off the presses, today we’re launching along with WordPress 3.5. If you have a WordPress site, WP Maintainer makes your life simple and helps fight perspiration when updating your installation, hitting the oops button, or battling security concerns. Here’s the long list of features, and below, in my opinion, are the key features: All WordPress Updates Scheduled backups… Read more »

SnapPoint jQuery Plugin

This recently built plugin automatically smooth scrolls the visitor’s browser window to a block of content. This certainly isn’t necessary for most sites, but can be beneficial for an experience where you have multiple short blocks of content. Here’s a demo Here’s the link to it on github You can adjust the delay, the top threshold,… Read more »

Random IE8 Crashes – “This tab has been recovered”

An issue randomly started occurring on a few site that I had started development on last month. I was getting crashes in IE8 with the following error “Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.” Followed by “This tab has been recovered.” when the site came back… Read more »

JW Player for WordPress – Playlist Not Displaying

JW Player for WordPress is a great little solution to locally house and present your videos. However, I recently had an issue where my playlist for JW Player would not display. I could see that it was loading and pulling in the list of videos, but even with my Advanced Settings being correct it still… Read more »

JQuery .load() Doesn’t Work in Chrome

If you do any front-end development locally (and test in Google Chrome) you may have run into a problem using the .load() function or other AJAX requests. The functions are just unable to return any data, It boils down to a permissions issue with Chrome pointing to local files. You can resolve this by uploading… Read more »

An Introvert’s Guide to Freelancing

Early last year I took my freelancing full-time. This was a big move; I’m not the: “let’s play some golf together, see you at the after-party, and let’s take this show to the moon!” type entrepreneur. Like many creative people, I’m an introvert. I dwell in my own thoughts too long, constantly play scenarios in my… Read more »

About Robert

I work with clients ranging from local small businesses and non-profits to large Fortune 500 companies.

If you think I'm the right guy for your project, please feel free to give me a shout.

I am a full-time freelance website designer and front-end developer from Baltimore, Maryland, currently living in Nairobi, Kenya.

I design and code for user experience on the web with special attention on mobile devices. I come from a background in eCommerce and lead generation, which I'm very good at. I spend most of my time personalizing and creating customized WordPress themes for clients. Other than designing websites I spend time with family, study, occasionally tweet, and rarely +.