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Amazon Launches WebStore

Amazon WebStore

I’ve been an Amazon fan for quite some time now, it was the first place I’ve ordered something online, and recently, the last place I’ve order something online.

Today I received an email today from Amazon about their new service called “WebStore.” Which is basically a build-it-yourself eCommerce Storefront, I’d imagine that it’s very similar to Yahoo! Merchant Solutions.

I’ve checked out many of the “examples”:, and well, it’s definitely safe to say that I still have a job designing eCommerce websites.

Now, don’t get me wrong! There are definitely a some conversion-friendly features in the Amazon WebStore, and it’s probably *not* a bad solution for someone on their first generation eCommerce site. The one thing I really like is that customers can use their existing accounts, and everything is posted through Amazon’s servers, that’s one heck of a security assurance.

But when you’re ready to make the next step, and move on to your 2nd or 3rd generation site, be sure to “give us a call”: 🙂

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  1. Robin

    I read this article about Amazon WebStore with a lot of interest. Are you still up on it? If so, I have a bit of news your readers can use.

    The (beta) Amazon WebStore is the best option I can find for my online store, but the documentation is extremely confusing. When I realized I was going to have to figure out everything about the Amazon WebStore by myself, I just went ahead and wrote up what I learned in a helpful organized way, so that others wouldn’t have to suffer (I’m a writer). The “Tutorial Guide to the (beta) Amazon WebStore” is totally free. Your readers can download a 57-page pdf, or read the the Guide, at


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