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Mobile-first Stylesheets for IE6/7/8

The first thing you may notice after your first mobile-first site is that you only get your mobile stylesheet for IE8 and below. Here’s a quick and easy snippet to have IE render all of your stylesheets, while still keeping responsiviness for Windows phones in-tact.

JW Player for WordPress – Playlist Not Displaying

JW Player for WordPress is a great little solution to locally house and present your videos. However, I recently had an issue where my playlist for JW Player would not display. I could see that it was loading and pulling in the list of videos, but even with my Advanced Settings being correct it still… Read more »

JQuery .load() Doesn’t Work in Chrome

If you do any front-end development locally (and test in Google Chrome) you may have run into a problem using the .load() function or other AJAX requests. The functions are just unable to return any data, It boils down to a permissions issue with Chrome pointing to local files. You can resolve this by uploading… Read more »

New Blog Posted: Creating a Checkout Progress Bar

I just posted a new blog over on the “eCommerce Blog”: at Groove. So if you’re interested in “creating an accessible progress bar”: for your checkout process this is for you!

:hover Pseudo Class Bug Fix for IE6

For those of you familiar with the :hover pseudo class, you probably know that IE6 and below is not.

A simple example of the :hover pseudo class in action is when you mouse over a Hyperlink and it changes color, or it becomes underlined or something dazzling like that. A more advanced example is applying :hover to other tags such as a <td> to make the data cell of a table change color, this is the example I’m going to talk about today.