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Amazon Launches WebStore

I’ve been an Amazon fan for quite some time now, it was the first place I’ve ordered something online, and recently, the last place I’ve order something online.

Today I received an email today from Amazon about their new service called “WebStore.” Which is basically a build-it-yourself eCommerce Storefront, I’d imagine that it’s very similar to “Yahoo! Merchant Solutions”:

Magento, The Freshmaker

! (Magento)!
If you’re into eCommerce platforms than I’m sure you’ve heard of “Magento”: They just launched a “live demo”: of both the “storefront”: (front-end) and the “admin panel”: (back-end) The username is _admin_ and the password is _123123_.

Redesign Launched for A Touch of Brass!

Today, over at “Groove Commerce”: we launched our redesign for “A Touch of Brass”: I really like how the site came out–plenty of graphical/styling done as well as a lot of work under the hood, more to follow later on at the Groove “eCommerce Blog”:

WiiCommerce (Wii Shop)

Well I finally got my hands on a “Nintendo Wii”:! I have to say, I haven’t had this much fun on a video game system since I was a kid.

It really is amazing. One thing that I’ve really grown to love is the Wii Shop area and I figured that since I’ve been specializing in eCommerce based sites I would comment on Wii’s eCommerce Section (Wii Shop).