Robert Spangler

UI/UX designer & front-end developer


Category: JavaScript

SnapPoint jQuery Plugin

This recently built plugin automatically smooth scrolls the visitor’s browser window to a block of content. This certainly isn’t necessary for most sites, but can be beneficial for an experience where you have multiple short blocks of content. Here’s a demo Here’s the link to it on github You can adjust the delay, the top threshold,… Read more »

Random IE8 Crashes – “This tab has been recovered”

An issue randomly started occurring on a few site that I had started development on last month. I was getting crashes in IE8 with the following error “Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.” Followed by “This tab has been recovered.” when the site came back… Read more »

JQuery .load() Doesn’t Work in Chrome

If you do any front-end development locally (and test in Google Chrome) you may have run into a problem using the .load() function or other AJAX requests. The functions are just unable to return any data, It boils down to a permissions issue with Chrome pointing to local files. You can resolve this by uploading… Read more »