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Why I’m Not Afraid of Software or Services Aimed at Taking My Job

First of all, I love designing and coding for user interfaces. I’m not sure what turns me away from print design or other forms of media. It’s not that the web and other forms of digital media are necessarily a safe haven for your work; especially in terms of the web, it moves fast and often you become obsolete if you… Read more »

An Introvert’s Guide to Freelancing

Early last year I took my freelancing full-time. This was a big move; I’m not the: “let’s play some golf together, see you at the after-party, and let’s take this show to the moon!” type entrepreneur. Like many creative people, I’m an introvert. I dwell in my own thoughts too long, constantly play scenarios in my… Read more »

Random Tidbits of News

1. WordPress 2.5 is out, and looks great. Admin was redesigned by Happy Cog (Jefferey Zeldman’s Crew) 2. Magento just launched it’s first production build (v1.0) 3. Nathan Smith released a web design grid system for 960px wide designs. 4. This guy raps about SEO & Conversions (thanks Luke)

Usability / Accessibility Issues With Dropdowns

There’s still some debate as to whether or not it’s OK to use dropdowns in usable, accessible web design. I’ll definitely say that there are some dropdowns that are really well put together and are both accessible and usable. For example the Suckerfish dropdown seems to do pretty well (while not perfect).

New Domain Name, New Hosting!

Today I made two big changes to my site. First of all (as you may have noticed) my domain name is now That’s right my friends! no more confusion brought on by the dreadful m in I’m putting my 301 redirect lecture to the test for all of my URLs. New Hosting!… Read more »

The Importance of 301 Redirects

I was lucky enough to go to the IR Web Design ’08 conference in Miami early this month and do several website consultations for a wide variety of eCommerce websites (both large and small).

A lot of people were looking to do a complete redesign and/or change their eCommerce platform. Meaning most (if not all) of their URLs may be changing. I was blown away by the amount of companies that almost made that switch without being told about redirecting their pages using 301 redirects.

Welcome To Miami, ¡Buenvenidos a miami!

Well friends, I’m off to Miami for the “Internet Retailer 2008 Web Design Conference”: with the guys at work. We’ll be doing 1-on-1 website consultations with about 22 companies and running a booth. Should be a good time.

The Grunge Gallery

I have a theme for sale over on the Sitepoint Marketplace:

View Auction

Screenshot of the Design

“View the coded preview”:

Hot and Fresh Out The Oven!

Our latest redesign over at “Groove”:http://www.groovecommerce launched today!

Mr. McGroovy's Box Rivets

The site is for Mr. McGroovy’s Box Rivets, a very unique products with plenty of potential. Mr. McGroovy was originally running on a PayPal shopping cart but quickly outgrew it, we came up with a custom solution that will really take his store to the next level.

My role in the project was designer and front-end developer. So I did all of the design and front-end coding (xHTML/CSS/JavaScript).

More to follow on the Groove eCommerce Blog.