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How to Waste Your Money on AdWords 101

I recently purchased a microsuede/microfiber couch for my new apartment. (similar but darker than the couch below)

! (My New Sectional)!

I love it, and the price didn’t break my bank; however, when the sales person asked if I wanted to pay an extra $100+ for a stain guard treatment…I just really couldn’t justify it, I was pretty sure I could find a way to do that myself (for a lot cheaper).

So of course I started at Google, I ran a search for ‘stain protection for microsuede’ the first sponsored link was at…

I Forgot To Share…

My favorite part of my daily work is when I get to slice and code a great design using some great markup (xHTML) with smart styling (CSS).

At work I’ve recently been given the opportunity to solely act as the front end developer for a few different projects we launched over at “Groove”:

* “La Prima Catering”:
* “Corporate Baskets”:
* “Don’t Know Tavern”:

_Note: Not my designs, just my code_

New Redesign – Epic Dental

The fresh new look for Epic Dental has officially launched! Epic Dental sells Xylitol Gum which I can briefly describe as a sugar alternative that is also a cavity fighting agent. The new site was built off of our optimized version of the AspDotNetStoreFront and features a sleek and feature filled 1-page checkout. My role… Read more »

Redesign Launched for A Touch of Brass!

Today, over at “Groove Commerce”: we launched our redesign for “A Touch of Brass”: I really like how the site came out–plenty of graphical/styling done as well as a lot of work under the hood, more to follow later on at the Groove “eCommerce Blog”:

WiiCommerce (Wii Shop)

Well I finally got my hands on a “Nintendo Wii”:! I have to say, I haven’t had this much fun on a video game system since I was a kid.

It really is amazing. One thing that I’ve really grown to love is the Wii Shop area and I figured that since I’ve been specializing in eCommerce based sites I would comment on Wii’s eCommerce Section (Wii Shop).

WordPress Vs. Textpattern

I’ve always used a custom built solution for my blogging, originally just with some custom PHP, then I eventually added the FCK Editor but last month I decided that it was finally time to move on. Lets Try WordPress My initial thought was WordPress, I had a bit of experience with it from Shirts That… Read more »

:hover Pseudo Class Bug Fix for IE6

For those of you familiar with the :hover pseudo class, you probably know that IE6 and below is not.

A simple example of the :hover pseudo class in action is when you mouse over a Hyperlink and it changes color, or it becomes underlined or something dazzling like that. A more advanced example is applying :hover to other tags such as a <td> to make the data cell of a table change color, this is the example I’m going to talk about today.