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JQuery .load() Doesn’t Work in Chrome

If you do any front-end development locally (and test in Google Chrome) you may have run into a problem using the .load() function or other AJAX requests. The functions are just unable to return any data, It boils down to a permissions issue with Chrome pointing to local files.

You can resolve this by uploading your files to a live production server, but that is a pain, especially if you’re still in development.

There’s a very simple solution:

1. Close Chrome completely
2. Launch Chrome from Terminal with the “–allow-file-access-from-files” argument

open /Applications/Google --args --allow-file-access-from-files

This will allow that session of Chrome to access local files. Note: Once you close and reopen the application you’ll no longer have access to local files again.

4 Responses to “JQuery .load() Doesn’t Work in Chrome”

  1. Willy

    Hey Rob, thanks for sharing the solution! I had just spent about 15 minutes being really confused as to why .load wasn’t working.

  2. Frank

    Hello Rob. Thank you very much for the good advice in your blog! I was really wondering about Chrome’s local load-behaviour and could not believe, that I had to do some extra stuff for the latest browser 😉 So it really is not necessary. Thankyou for posting!

    Greeting from Switzerland

  3. chasnz

    As a workaround I found the .get function works well. I don’t need to run Chrome with any special flags.

    $.get(_url, pars, function(data) {
    $( ‘#ajaxReplaceMe’ ).html( data );

    Where ajaxReplaceMe is the id of the (say) div element where you want the content to load.


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