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Website Refresh

Okay, so I redesign my site more than I blog on it. Designing something for yourself is tough, but I’m really happy with this one. I hope you enjoy. Let me know if you need anything!

My New Job

In case you didn’t know I switched jobs. I am now a full-time freelancer and owner of Emerge Web Studio. I’m into my second week now and things are going great, I’ve had a ton of great phone calls and meetings. Waking up for work has become really exciting. With all that being said, I… Read more »

HTML5 Doctype Template

There’s no reason to read any further, use HTML5 Boilerplate instead! It is finally time to start switching to HTML5 for projects moving forward. If you’ve been following the progress you already know that xHTML will eventually be outdated and browsers will, eventually, support HTML5 functionality. So it doesn’t make sense to continue with xHTML;… Read more »

Intelligent Conversation

Does anyone else enjoy a good laugh? I do, I do a lot. Laughter can get me through the day sometimes. I have some hilarious co-workers. There is joy wrapped up in laughing together, a deeper connection beyond agreeing that body sounds are funny.

A New Look

Fresh new redesign! The last design was probably not as thought out as it needed to be. It placed a heavy emphasis on my blog, and let’s be real, i’m not blogging every day. This one is supposed to put more emphasis on my work, and still a little on the blog… Thanks for checking… Read more »

8 Web Design Resources I Couldn’t Live Without (Honestly!)

Ok, so the “10 ___’s that will save your life!” posts can be annoying. Hopefully you can get some use out of this post; these are the web resources that I honestly use all of the time. No Filler! They are ordered by how well they’re know (least to most known).

xHTML 1.0 Strict Doctype Template

This is just the xHTML document that I usually start off with, already included tags for title, description, keywords, favicon, and stylesheet. I gave up on using the UTF-8 charset because of our good friend IE6 and his ‘white screen bug.’

WhatTheFont iPhone App

Ever been looking through a magazine and wondered what font you’re reading? MyFont’s just released a WhatTheFont iPhone app to answer that question! I took a picture of my mouse pad at work which has one of our client’s logos printed on it. I’ve always wondered what that font was…

New Redesign and WordPress 2.7

The feeling of “I’M BORED” was definitely the impetus for the redesign. I wanted something that was a bit more personal and I always felt like my last design was a bit too “corporate.” I have a few pictures that I’ve taken sampled throughout some of the backgrounds, and just an overall warmer feel. Still… Read more »

About Robert

I work with clients ranging from local small businesses and non-profits to large Fortune 500 companies.

If you think I'm the right guy for your project, please feel free to give me a shout.

I am a full-time freelance website designer and front-end developer from Baltimore, Maryland, currently living in Nairobi, Kenya.

I design and code for user experience on the web with special attention on mobile devices. I come from a background in eCommerce and lead generation, which I'm very good at. I spend most of my time personalizing and creating customized WordPress themes for clients. Other than designing websites I spend time with family, study, occasionally tweet, and rarely +.