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Random IE8 Crashes – “This tab has been recovered”

An issue randomly started occurring on a few site that I had started development on last month. I was getting crashes in IE8 with the following error “Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.” Followed by “This tab has been recovered.” when the site came back up.

IE8 Tab Recovered

This one was not fun to diagnose, I initially thought it was something with the HTML5,  Chrome Frame or Modernizr. I was wrong, it was a bug with jQuery.

The Solution

It is an issue with jQuery version 1.6.2 (which was the latest version at time of development). Luckily they fixed the issue, so the fix on your end is simple… Update to the latest version of jQuery.

Here’s the support ticket from their change log.

26 Responses to “Random IE8 Crashes – “This tab has been recovered””

  1. Matt Clements

    So glad you have found this and published your information – I have been experiencing the same issues with sites that I have been working on; and this has now resolved these issues.

    Thanks 🙂

  2. James

    I spent a lot of time trying to debug this, even just to reproduce it. For example, Windows 7 + IE8 works just fine. Meanwhile, customer complaints kept growing. Took me some mad googling just to find this article. Thanks!

  3. d3vkit

    Oh you are a lifesaver! I had just updated jQuery so I thought this couldn’t be the problem. And yet, new version a couple weeks ago. This is INVALUABLE info and I wish it was hitting higher on Google!

  4. Franck

    Indeed you’re a saver. Spend a week trying to debug this problem because I had updated to that version a month ago but just started testing the website on IE.

    Thanks alot

  5. mike

    hey guys do users need to update there jquery or do i need to add the files the to website ? any help will be appreciated

    • Rob

      Hi Tejas, I’m not sure if I’m following 100% in terms of executing the jQuery file. The bug happens if you’re already using jQuery, so it’s a matter of replacing the old version with the new. Does that help?

  6. Martin

    Muchas gracias por el artículo, gracias a esto pude solucionar el problema con IE!!!

    Saludos desde Argentina, Martín

  7. Rob Scott

    Finally solved, after trying every possible solution suggested on the Internet, as to why IE8 (Win XP, SP3) kept giving me the error message “This tab has been recovered…” when trying to access a particular https website.
    It was BING (a search provider program – piggybacked with some other downloaded software) that was causing the problem!

    Solution: In IE8 Tools, Manage Add-ons, click on Search Providers, right-click on “Google”, make it the default, then right-click on “Bing” and disable it. Bing must neither be the default nor enabled. Voila.

  8. Rob Scott

    The above “solution” worked for a while, as I was able to access the website several times after disabling Bing but not when it was enabled. Then, when I tried again after an hour or so, I got the same message again…”This tab has been recovered…….I now give up! Will use Firefox instead of IE8.

  9. Fardin

    I am not using jQuery in my application. But still i get this issue. Could you please let me know what can be the cause.
    Just want to highlight that i m calling a webservice in my application. Could this be our problem area?

    • Rob

      Not sure Fardin, I would recommend commenting out all of your Javascript and then see if you have the issue. If that “fixes” it, begin uncommenting out your Javascript one by one until you find the culprit!

  10. tahir

    Thanks Rob u Rocks 🙂

    Which jQuery version should i use to resolve this issue ?

    I m facing same issue with jQuery 1.2.6.

    • Rob

      No problem @tahir! I would just update to the latest 1.x version (currently 1.10.2). Otherwise, anything past 1.6.2 should work, assuming it’s the same issue I had.

  11. tahir

    Hi Rob , I have replaced jQuery 1.2.6 with jQuery 1.3 , 1.4.2. Its not working. Please reply as soon as possible. Thanks 🙂

    • Rob

      @tahir, yeah, it has to be a version greater than 1.6.2, 1.4.2 may still have the bug (not sure). I’d say go with the latest — If that doesn’t work, it could be due to another issue. If you’re still having trouble after upgrading try: (1) removing all Javascript files, (2) test, (3) if successful start adding in your Javascript files one-by-one until it fails again, letting you know which one is the culprit. Hope that helps.


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