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WiiCommerce (Wii Shop)

Well I finally got my hands on a “Nintendo Wii”:! I have to say, I haven’t had this much fun on a video game system since I was a kid.

!(float-right) (Nintendo Wii)! It really is amazing. One thing that I’ve really grown to love is the Wii Shop area and I figured that since I’ve been specializing in eCommerce based sites I would comment on Wii’s eCommerce Section (Wii Shop).

So far I’ve only purchased two games, “Super Mario Bros.”: (the original) and “The Adventures of Lolo”: (which you’ve probably never played).

Ordering was very easy, one thing I love the most is the giant buttons, I really really love big buttons, I don’t know why but when I see those giant WordPress style buttons I get all hot and bothered.

Nintendo is pretty brilliant, they used a point based system to make your purchases (similar to “iStockPhoto”:, only in much larger increments) It costs about $1 for every 100 credits, but somehow they made it feel like 500 credits is cheaper than $5. I couldn’t recommend that eCommerce sites start doing that (by any means!) but credits do have their place for specific eCommerce applications.

Another thing that was very helpful was the “Shopping Guide” It is very quick about telling you what all the icons mean, and what steps you need to go through to make your purchase.

The only flaw I saw in their system was the ability to purchase credits while buying an item. For example, If I’m going in to buy Ninja Turtles for 600 credits, but I only have 500 credits I simply get an error telling me that I don’t have enough, I should get a option along with that message to buy more credits on the fly via my Visa card, I really think that would increase their conversions by up to 1%.

h2. Conclusion

Wii is truly an amazing game system, and there’s some good stuff to learn from their eCommerce system, WiiShop.

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